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Searching for Tales of Symphonia cosplayers in Southern California, willing to dance (with instruction) and potentially sing. (If you can't sing no worries. I'll get a voice-over for you). We do not have an exact location yet, and it will be decided based on you (the cosplayers) location.

I, Ryugexu, live directly in-between LA and San Diego near Temecula.

We need cosplayers, voiceactors, singers, editors (video and audio), and camera technicians.

Other than cosplayers, we need:

-voices/singers (please link me to your demo reel, if possible include a singing demo reel. If you don't have a singing demo reel, then sing the chorus of a musical listed below and send it to me, my email is closer to the bottom of this journal!)
-karaoke tracks (please use and send me the link! If you can make karaoke tracks if I give you the original, please tell me!)
-CAMERA OPERATORS (please show me your previous projects and photos taken with your equipment. You will need to provide your own recording equipment and if it can hook up to USB ports on a computer it is preferred.)
-Audio-mixer (please show me your previous projects)

For cosplayers: To be added to the list of potential actors, you MUST have a costume! We can not supply you with costumes/wigs/etc, but we can refer you to sites to buy them from. If you want to help out by being an actor, please send me multiple photos of you in-costume! I'd like at least one full-body image, at least one faceshot/close up, and a snazzy pose or two!

==Songs we plan on having in our production==</u>

Avenue Q songs
-Everyone's a Little Bit Racist
-I'm not wearing underwear today (...unsure about this one >_>)

Evil Dead: The Musical songs
-Look Who's Evil Now (Elegy of a Masked Turncoat)
-What the F*** Was That

Wicked songs
-I'm not that girl (A Kunoichi's Wish)
-Defying Gravity (An Angel's Son Rebels! BG music only, no singing)

Disney's The Little Mermaid songs
-Part of Your World

Disney's Aladdin
-A Whole New World
-Never Had a Friend Like Me

Cast list as follows:
Main costumes preferred, but its also nice if you do have the 'alternate' costumes. As for Kratos, who has two main costumes, either one is fine. Do not be afraid to ask about a character and the costume(s) availability even if an actor is listed below!! As a note, your status will be pending availability until I see you or photos/video of you in-costume and I know you can travel to the location(s).


Lloyd- DesignateThis ((pending availability))
Sheena- Erin-Jaganshi19 ((pending availability)) and Angel-OFire ((pending availability))
Zelos- Ryugexu
Kid Mithos- TheFatedOne89 ((pending availability))
Yggdrasil/Adult Mithos-
Misc Soldiers-
Misc Townspeople-
Summon Spirit(s)-

If you aren't in southern California but wish to contribute with your voice, please voice act as Tales of Symphonia characters above and (if they're a main singing character) please sing a song in-character. Any song, preferably Disney or another Broadway Musical, like the ones listed above! Please label auditions "DA_(your user name)_(character's name)aud" yes please audition for more than one character if you want.

send auditions to: ryugexu [at] gmail [dot] com

Character Voice Examples:
This is either a link to a video/audio clip of the character speaking with the voice I want or a different character with the same voice. I will do my best to use ToS material only to avoid confusion.
Kratos, Raine, Lloyd, Genis, Colette: (youtube)…
Zelos: (deviantart)…
Kid Mithos:
Yggdrasil/Adult Mithos:

Voice Cast
Rodyle- Darkxide

Notes on who-does-what in songs. This below list is subject to change randomly.

Avenue Q character list:
Lloyd- Prinston
Raine- Kate Monster
Sheena- Christmas Eve
Zelos- Brian
Kid Mithos- Gary
Yggdrasil/Adult Mithos- Trekkie Monster

Evil Dead character list:
Lloyd- Ash
Zelos- "Look Who's Evil Now" singer

Wicked character list:
Sheena- Elpheba
Zelos- Fiyero

Disney character list:
(Friend like me: Sheena + Summon Spirit)
(Part of your world: Regal + Raine)

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